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terry jarnigan pasternack enterprises

Terry Jarnigan of Pasternack Enterprises

Q: The “Internet of Things,” that is, everything being connected, will have an impact on the RF and microwave industry. Will it affect your company?

A: The name Internet of Things (IoT) misses the point. It should be the “Wireless of Things” because the vast majority of applications within IoT will communicate this way. While the media has focused on the “sexier” applications within IoT such as wearables and others that rely on a smartphone or other small host device and communicate only a few inches or feet, there are dozens more that in order to perform their intended use must communicate over longer distances. These will require a great number of the passive components in which Pasternack specializes, from coaxial cables, connectors, couplers, power dividers and combiners and other passive components low-noise, as well as small-signal and RF power amplifiers, to name a few. So we see IoT as a terrific emerging market for us.

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