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Vector Network Analyzer Calibration Kit Product Line Expanded

Vector network analyzer calibration solt kit for general purpose

Vector Network Analyzer Calibration SOLT Kit for General Purpose

Our addition of Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) calibration kit for general purpose items with new 50 and 75 Ohm versions has expanded the product line. These new vector network analyzer calibration kit products offer excellent performance characteristics that are specially designed for the fine-tuning and calibration of sensitive signal test equipment in RF engineering labs, production environments and quality testing facilities. All of Pasternack’s network analyzer calibration kits are built to withstand years of rigorous use and provide accurate RF equipment calibration for the life of the product.

The new line of general purpose network analyzer calibration kits come in three economical versions including a 50 ohm 3.5mm cal kit up to 26.5 GHz, a 3.5mm kit up to 8.5 GHz , and a 75 Ohm Type-F VNA calibration kit operating to 3 GHz. These new network analyzer cal kits complement the company’s existing models which include a 3.5mm model operating to 26.5 GHz (PE5500-KIT) and a Type-N kit operating to 18 GHz (PE5501-KIT).

Each of the new VNA calibration kit products from Pasternack includes all of the necessary short circuit, open circuit, load and thru (SOLT) components required for proper testing. The SOLT calibration kits are suitable for many 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm network analyzers from the industry’s leading providers such as Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Copper Mountain®, Rohde & Schwarz® and Tektronix®. These RF test and measurement kits all come packaged inside protective wooden boxes.