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New Compatible Hirose U.FL Connector Cable Assembly Product Line

hirose u. fl connector compatible coaxial cable assembly jumpers from pasternack

Hirose U. FL Connector Compatible Coaxial Cable Assembly Jumpers from Pasternack

Hirose U.FL Cable Assembly Jumper Compatibles Using Micro-Coax Snap-On UMCX Connectors

We introduced a new line of Hirose U.FL™ compatible cable assembly jumpers which Pasternack calls UMCX. These U.FL cable compatible UMCX products are ultra-miniature coaxial cable assemblies. Our UMCX Hirose U.FL coaxial cable assembly jumper compatible product line operate from DC to 6 GHz. Ideal applications for this group of U. FL connector cables include wireless applications such as: Wi-Fi, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LTE. Other U.fl compatible UMCX applications are: mobile antenna, GPS, radio systems, PDA, PCS and other wireless scenarios. External antenna to mini PCB is a common U.FL usage for our Pasternack UMCX.

The new U. FL Hirose connector compatible RF cable assemblies are manufactured as UMCX in-series or between series cables. UMCX to UMCX in-series  as well as UMCX to: 1.0/2.3, FME, MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMC, SSMB, TNC and Type N connector between series coaxial cable jumper assemblies are available. U.FL compatible UMCX cable assembly jumpers have multiple coax options such as: .81mm, 1.13mm, 1.37mm, RG178 and double shielded RG178 (RG178-DS)…depending on which version of the UMCX connector is used.

Ultra-miniature UMCX coax cable assemblies that are Hirose U.FL compatible are available in UMCX, UMCX 2.1 and UMCX 2.5. The difference in the Pasternack UMCX connectors is the mated connection height; 1.2mm, 2.1mm and 2.5mm respectively. These U. FL Hirose connector compatible UMCX coax cable jumper assemblies are available to buy in standard lengths from our warehouse stock. Custom compatible U. FL coax cable assemblies are available upon request, custom length and configurations can be built.

More than one hundred combinations of coax and UMCX type connector are available from our website and are in the Pasternack RF catalog. These U.FL Hirose connector compatible UMCX assembly jumpers are 100% RF and continuity tested prior to shipment. The standard version UMCX RF/microwave coaxial cables join our over 40,000 in-stock products that ship same day from our Irvine, CA location in the United States.


* U.FL is a trademark of Hirose Electric