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60 GHz Development System Kit Offers a Quick Out-of-the-Box Experience for Evaluating High Bandwidth Data Rates in the Unlicensed ISM Frequency Spectrum

60 GHz Product Development System and Experimentation Kit for High Bandwidth Modulation Covering 57 to 64 GHz Made Easy

60 ghz development system kit pasternack

60 GHz Development System Kit from Pasternack

The new 60 GHz development system kit, now with even lower phase noise,  offers designers the ability to perform millimeter wave product development and conduct RF experimentation. The developer kit for 60 GHz provides single and multi-carrier high bandwidth modulation covering 57 to 64 GHz in the globally unlicensed ISM frequency spectrum. Because the 60 GHz TX /RX system utilizes the globally-unlicensed ISM bands in the RF spectrum, the development kit can be used to develop a wide selection of product applications in the mmwave unlicensed frequency band covering 60GHz. Applications in the 60 GHz frequency range include: baseband development up to 7 Gbps data rates using WiGig/WiFi 802.11ad and 802.11aj IEEE standards, GigE wireless LAN, FMCW Radar, uncompressed HD video, RFID, radiometry, remote sensing, cellular backhaul, and campus networks.

PEM009-KIT 60 GHz transmitter and receiver development system incorporates the use of compact and innovative millimeter wave transmit TX (PEM001-MIM) and receive RX (PEM002-MIM) WR-15 waveguide modules that utilize SiGe BiCMOS semiconductor technology. These 60GHz modules are controlled by integrated Rx and Tx circuit board assemblies that provide processing functions, power supply regulation and include reference crystal oscillators. This new Pasternack version of the 60 GHz dev kit offers much improved phase noise performance that results in enhanced signal to noise ratio and receiver sensitivity. The 60 GHz Rx and Tx circuit boards can also be phase locked to an external reference source and command control functions are made via a USB interface with a host PC (running GUI software).

The PEM009-KIT 60 GHz development kit system supports a variety of I/Q (vector) and FSK/MSK modulation schemes from a user designed base band system or from a vector modulated programmable Arbitrary Waveform Generator. This mmwave development system is configured as a standalone bench top wireless link where transmitted power directly from the waveguide aperture is equivalent to a 7 dBi gain horn antenna with a 70° wide beam pattern that’s useful to test and demonstrate various modulation schemes and data rates.  60 GHz transmission over longer distances is also possible by utilizing Pasternack WR-15 waveguide gain horn antennas (Models: PE9881-20, PE9881-24, PE9881-34, and PE9881-42) that have calculated system link distances ranging from 3 meters to 500 meters.