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Evaluating RF Industry Health Requires a Broad Perspective

john farley pasternack enterprises

John Farley of Pasternack

As most RF and microwave companies are privately held and industry analysts rarely track sales of microwave components other than semiconductors and interconnects, determining the health of an industry as diverse as ours is extremely difficult. It’s not useful to rely on the subjective opinions of a few companies, as the answers you’ll get will invariably be based only on how that company is faring. There’s an analogy here to trade shows. Talk to someone from a company that generated 153 leads, none of which they deemed promising, and the show was a disaster. Ask someone from another company that generated three leads, one of which might lead to $100,000 in new business, and it was the best show ever. In both cases, the information is narrowly-focused, subjective, and not particularly useful.

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